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Mythical theme designs for open-source software programs inspire the imagination and frame our everyday applications with a touch of the surreal.

Mythical Sirens Summer Night
for Mozilla Firefox

mythical sirens summer night,
feral beauty in a deep purple garden,
blossoming to midnight fireworks

Throbber fractal animation by
coppercat of electric

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Mythical Sirens Sunset Garden, for WinAmp Media Player.

Mythical Sirens Summer Night
Web Browser Theme Design

Transform your browser's toolbar and buttons into an ornamental surrealist landscape. Mythical Sirens Summer Night is a decorative "theme" for the free web browser Mozilla Firefox.

Mythical Sirens had an amazing debut in 2008 - with over 250,000 downloads, 50,000 average daily users, piles of fan email and rave reviews, this theme has inspired more positive energy than was initially thought possible!

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What is a Firefox Theme?

How to Use Mythical Sirens with Firefox:

  1. Get Mythical Sirens Summer Night This link takes you to the Mozilla Themes page. Click on the green button and the theme will start installing: wait a moment for it to load. When it has loaded, confirm the install by clicking "Install Now".

  2. The Add-ons window will open: Wait another moment for the theme to install. Once it is fully installed, Select the "Themes" button.

  3. Select the Mythical Sirens theme from the list, and click on the button "Use Theme"

  4. Quit Firefox and Restart: it will display the new theme.

  5. To get back to the Theme area, select "Tools > Add-ons > Themes" from the Firefox top menu.

Mythical Sirens Sunset Garden
Media player "Skin" Design

A decorative "skin" for the free software program WinAmp Media Player (for PC). The WinAmp program is a media player excellent for .mp3 files, internet radio, etc. When you install a new skin, the player changes it's look.

*Download Version 2.0!
*A very small detail update: In 2.0, the sirens are sitting on the buttons...

Download Mythical Sirens Sunset Garden 1.0

To use the Mythical Sirens Sunset Garden WinAmp skin, Go into your computer's Program Files and find the folder for Nullsoft WinAmp. In the folder is a folder called "Skins". Drag-and-drop the skin file into the skins folder. While using the WinAmp player, right-click on the player and select the skin from the "skins" menu. The player will change its look immediately.

Get the WinAmp Media Player

What is a "Skin?"